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Farpoint Dev Wants To See Improved Move Controllers For PSVR Successor

Farpoint Dev Wants To See Improved Move Controllers For PSVR Successor

As the first developer to support PlayStation VR’s (PSVR’s) Aim Controller, Farpoint creator Impulse Gear is well-versed on the control issues that Sony’s VR headset faces. That’s why one member of the studio is eager to see the next iteration of the PlayStation Move motion controllers.

In an interview with Finder, Impulse Gear founder Seth Luisi was asked what he was most interested in seeing from a potential successor to PSVR, be it a wireless headset, room-scale support, improved resolution, or a better Move controller. Luisi selected the latter option, referencing the work his company had done with the Aim Controller.

“We are able to achieve a lot with the Aim Controller and I would love to see that taken further,” he explained. “So I would probably put Move 2.0 at the top. I think room-scale would come along just behind that.”

On the surface, the Move controllers fill an important roll in your VR experience. They’re position-tracked using the PlayStation Camera (just like PSVR itself) and do a great job bringing your hands into the VR experience. They’re not without their issues, though, including a lack of an analog stick for more control in your VR experience. The single camera used to track the controllers also needs to see them at all times, otherwise you’ll lose control of your virtual hands. That means upcoming VR games like Skyrim will have to be played at 180 degrees rather than at a full 360 degrees as seen with the HTC Vive.

We have to agree with Luisi that improved Move controllers seem essential for a second PSVR. The other options are important too, though the developer interestingly noted that he wasn’t too concerned about wireless headsets while the technology behind them is still a challenge. Personally we’re very hopeful that the next PSVR will be wireless.

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