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Drop Dead is a Gorgeous New Zombie Shooter for Gear VR

Drop Dead is a Gorgeous New Zombie Shooter for Gear VR

Console and PC-based VR HMDs aren’t the only ones having fun with E3 announcements today; a gorgeous new game for Samsung’s Gear VR HMD has just been announced too.

That game is Drop Dead from Pixel Toys. CEO Andy Wafer dropped by the YouTube Live at E3 2016 livestream to reveal the title, showcasing some of the first gameplay footage. This is a first-person shooter in which players search for the cure for a zombie outbreak that will of course involve re-killing hordes of the undead as they approach in waves. The game is controller free, with players shooting and reloading using the Gear VR’s on-board touchpad. Movement is done automatically between waves.

Screen captures don’t quite do it justice, but Drop Dead looks to be one of the most visually striking VR games yet with detailed environments and shuffling zombies. It’s not quite on the level of what we’ve seen on Rift and other systems, but it proves mobile VR is no slouch.

Wafer promised that it would be out in time for Halloween in October, even though what it was showing today was a “super early demo”. He also stated that the game will feature different weapons and gadgets on top of the single-shot assault rifle that was used in the brief demo.

Okay, so it’s not the most original premise, even in the Gear VR’s limited library of games, but it’s good to see solid new content announced for the platform in the face of stiff new competition. Google’s Daydream platform was announced last month and looks to bring an Oculus Home-like ecosystem to the entire mobile industry and not just Samsung smartphones like with Gear VR. Even Samsung’s own upcoming phones will support the ecosystem. That said, Pixel Toys didn’t announced if the game would be coming to Google Daydream too.

Look out for more on Drop Dead as it’s shown off at E3 this week.

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