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Down The Rabbit Hole Finally Arrives On PSVR This Week

Down The Rabbit Hole Finally Arrives On PSVR This Week

It’s taken a month longer than expected, but Down The Rabbit Hole is finally hopping onto PSVR this week.

The console version of Cortopia’s ace puzzle game touches down on May 1st. It’s already listed on the EU version of the PlayStation Store for £15.99 and will cost $19.99 in the US.

Down The Rabbit Hole initially launched on Oculus Quest and PC VR headsets late last month. The PSVR version was meant to be launching at the same time, but was delayed just ahead of launch. Cortopia assured it would still release on the headset in April, though. May 1st isn’t quite April, but we’ll let them off the hook.

We’re happy to see the game finally arrive on PSVR – we thought Down The Rabbit Hole was an adventure worthy of Wonderland itself. In it, you play as an unnamed protagonist that ventures into Lewis Carroll’s fantastical world in search of her pet. You’ll meet a weird cast of characters as you solve puzzles, but it’s the game’s winning panoramic-style comic book presentation that really stands out.

“Even Down The Rabbit Hole’s sheer existence seems like lunacy,” we said in our 4/5 review. “It’s as strange a VR game you’ll find, one that refuses to be pegged down to any one demographic or tick any certain box. There might be a touch of tameness to some of its puzzles and the adventure is over a little too soon, but when the game tips its box of ideas upside down, magic usually falls out.”

Excited for Down The Rabbit Hole’s PSVR release? Let us know in the comments below!

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