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Doom VFR Mods Enable Smooth Locomotion On Vive/Rift

Doom VFR Mods Enable Smooth Locomotion On Vive/Rift

Doom VFR released last week and, while we quite liked the game on the HTC Vive, the lack of smooth locomotion when using the headset’s motion controllers has proved to be a big issue for many. Unsurprisingly, the modding community has come to the rescue.

Over the weekend two solutions for smooth locomotion on the PC version of Doom VFR have popped up; one for the game’s native Vive support and the other for the unofficial Oculus Rift support, made possible through SteamVR.

On Vive, Reddit user omarehaly posted a link to what he’s called ‘Doom VFL’ (which brilliantly stands Virtual Fu**ing Locomotion). It’s a mod that enables full locomotion with the left Vive controller, whilst also adding gun vibration to the right hand, which holds your assortment of pistols and rifles. Movement is handled with the Vive’s trackpad, presumably replacing the dashing system that was there before. We haven’t tried it for ourselves but, judging by the comments on the post, it’s working very well for some.

Meanwhile, on Rift, SpeakeasyArcade posted detailed instructions on how to get smooth locomotion working with the headset’s Oculus Touch controllers, which feature analog sticks. This solution uses AutoHotKey and is a little lengthier to perfectly fine-tune. Again, we haven’t tried this solution for ourselves but reactions in the thread suggest it’s working pretty nicely.

The PlayStation VR (PSVR) version, meanwhile, already has smooth locomotion with the Aim controller, which is handy seeing as you can’t really mod that version.

You can always depend on mods to smooth these things out (literally in this case). In fact, we’d suspected it would be the modding community that would get Doom VFR running on the Oculus Rift last week when it turned out the game wasn’t working in SteamVR. Thankfully, Valve took it upon itself to address that issue.

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