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Demeo Graphics Comparison - Quest 2 vs PC VR

With four-player cross-play support across PC and Quest, Demeo is an ambitious multiplayer VR effort from developer Resolution Games. But how does the standalone version stack up next to the might of the PC? Find out in our Demeo graphics comparison!

Demeo is a cooperative dungeon-crawler that plays out as a virtual tabletop board game. Players take turns moving their individual characters through environments, fending off monsters, rolling dice and casting spells. If you haven’t already seen, we’re really rather smitten with it. And, while it’s true that its basement setting and scalable set aren’t as visually ambitious as this week’s other big release, The Wizard: Dark Times on Quest, Demeo is filled with tons of fun, minute visual effects that really bring the action to life.

Demeo Graphics Comparison

And that’s true of both versions. Resolution has done an impressive job cramming as much of the PC VR experience into the standalone version of Demeo as possible. So, yes, you’ll be missing some effects – things like lit torches on the game’s opening board, more splashes of gold liquid in the healing fountains, and extra touches to the explosive lamps. There’s also the usual concessions like lower resolution textures, which are particularly noticeable in the basement setting that surrounds you.

But some of the things we were expecting to be drastically scaled back on Quest, much to our surprise, weren’t. Things like particle effects on spells stick incredibly close to the PC VR version and character models, though blurrier, carry the same details right down to the scars and scrapes on the warriors’ armor.

All-in-all it’s an impressive port, then. We’d happily recommend either version of the game, though perhaps it’s worth mentioning that the marathon gameplay sessions will take a toll on your Quest’s battery, and there’s no mid-game save right now, though Resolution says it’s coming. If that’s a concern for you (don’t forget you can just play with your Quest plugged in), then PC might be the best bet.

Demeo is out today on Quest and PC VR with cross-play for $29.99. A standard PC version is also coming that can also be played with the VR version.

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