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Rhythm Game Dance Collider Coming To PlayStation VR On July 9

Rhythm Game Dance Collider Coming To PlayStation VR On July 9

The rhythm game Dance Collider by emergeWorlds is coming to PlayStation VR this week, after launching for PC VR back in 2018.

Rhythm game fans rejoice, because a new VR title is coming to PlayStation VR this week that’ll have you moving to the beat in a dance battle set in an apocalyptic cyberpunk setting. Dance Collider is the work of emergeWorlds, a small 3-person team based in Brisbane, Australia, and it originally released for PC VR back in 2018.

The game sees you hit notes to the rhythm kind of like Beat Saber, except more fluid and dance-focused. The game features 44 songs, all by an electronic artist called F-777. You’ll take on 8 different dancers in the game’s campaign before facing off against the final boss, a super AI called Uriel.

It’s all coated in a neon, cyberpunk aesthetic that looks quite stunning, as you can see in the trailer embedded above. As part of that cyberpunk setting, one of those 8 dancers actually stand in front of you and dance against you during each level. The characters were animated using motion capture technology, so their movements are impressively fluid and natural, and it will no doubt look even better when you’re immersed in VR.

While we’ve seen a number of different rhythm games across VR platforms, it’s nice to have that one that melds the genre with some amazing motion-capture animation. It’s even more impressive when you watch this behind-the-scenes video and see that all of the dancers were captured using Microsoft Kinects, as opposed to motion capture suits.

Dance Collider is available for PC VR now and releases on PSVR on July 9.

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