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Meta Made A Clear Quest 3 Variant For Some Employees Who Worked On It

Meta Made A Clear Quest 3 Variant For Some Employees Who Worked On It

Meta gave a clear Quest 3 to "a handful" of employees who worked on the headset, including the CTO.

Meta's CTO Andrew Bosworth revealed the "limited edition" employee-only Quest 3 variant in a post on Threads where he showed himself wearing it on a flight. Quest headsets got an experimental Travel Mode for use on airplanes in May.

Last year Bosworth revealed that Meta made a clear variant of Quest Pro for employees who worked on it too, so this appears to be something of a tradition at Meta now.

"Clear" electronics were a niche trend in the early 2000's. The original iMac had translucent casing, as did some Game Boy models and limited special editions of the original Xbox, Sega Dreamcast, and Nintendo DS. More recently, Lynx offered a transparent edition of its mixed reality headset to Kickstarter backers.

Meta Made Clear Quest Pros For Some Employees
In his first post on Threads, Meta’s CTO revealed the company made “a few” clear Quest Pros for some employees who worked on it.

No Oculus or Meta headset to date has been offered in different color variants, never mind with a publicly-sold clear edition. After announcing the original Oculus Quest, Facebook conducted demos with purple and orange variants, but these were never meant to ship. Today Meta actually sells orange and blue facial interfaces and straps for Quest 3, but the headset itself remains available in white only.

The only color variant for a Meta headset is set to be the limited-edition Xbox branded Quest 3. The concept image for the headset suggests it will be black with a green facial interface, and Mark Zuckerberg revealed it will include an Xbox controller in the box.

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