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ChromaGun Hits PSVR Next Week With Aim Support

ChromaGun Hits PSVR Next Week With Aim Support

The long-awaited PSVR support for ChromaGun is nearly here.

Pixel Maniacs announced today that the VR edition of its 2016 puzzle game is coming to Sony’s headset on February 19th. You can check out a launch trailer for the game below.

In ChromaGun you wield a paint-firing gun that can change the colors of walls and drones. Different colors will attract WorkerDroids that populate the test chambers you’re progressing through. You have to arrange the droids to unlock doors and progress to the next level. The game’s tone and story have often been compared to Valve’s puzzling classic, Portal.

On PSVR, the game’s set to support both the DualShock 4 and Sony’s flashy Aim controller. Move support isn’t listed, though. Either way, it’s quite nice to see Aim support for a game that isn’t just a straight up shooter. It has us wondering what other uses for the controller there might be out there.

ChromaGun VR is a separate release to the normal version of the game, which released on PS4 last year. A lone programmer has been working on the port ever since that launch.

This should provide a pretty solid bit of puzzling fun for PSVR fans. The original version of ChromaGun was quite well received by both critics and fans alike. Players point towards a story length of around four hours, too. It might not be the ultimate expression of what VR is capable of, but it should be a fun distraction for those that like to scratch their heads.

Support for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive hasn’t been confirmed at this time.

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