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Check out this epic first person imagining of Super Smash Bros. VR

Check out this epic first person imagining of Super Smash Bros. VR

The above video is obviously not an actual VR experience rather a creative imagining but it is still a blast to watch.

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Created by Youtuber SoKrispyMedia, the video shows what it could be like to play the ever popular Super Smash Brothers game in virtual reality from a first person perspective. While this is a project that probably won’t be coming to life, it is really fun to at least imagine what it could be like.

The video was created using a combination of first person POV shots and a green screen, with a healthy dose of VFX in post. SoKrispyMedia shot the hands and the scene separately then put them together in post with some nifty effects added in as well. You can see a full behind the scenes video here:

While it is fun to imagine how a legendary Nintendo game like this might look in VR it should be taken with a giant shaker of salt, because it doesn’t seem like we will be getting any VR products from the 125 year old company any time soon. At E3 this year Shigeru Miyamoto, Nintendo’s director of game development and the creator of Mario told Business Insider:

“The current software for these virtual reality devices cannot be played simultaneously by a number of people, and since it is generally expected that the development for the applicable software for a high-performance device will take two to three years, there were a number of visual demonstrations for virtual reality devices.”

So it looks like Nintendo will probably take a wait and see approach before stepping into VR, if they ever do. Until then we can watch videos like these and dream of what could be.

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