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Watch Oculus Connect 4 Live In VR

Oculus Connect 4 kicks off in San Jose today and you can of course watch along online. Better yet, you can watch the keynote speech in VR, too.

Oculus has teamed up with Pixel Corps to release a dedicated Rift and Gear VR app for streaming the big show as if you were really there. The company is promising the best seat in the house for the keynote, which will see Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and co present the latest on VR. If you want to join in on the fun best make sure you’ve got a good enough internet connection, or you’ll probably be staring at a blurry mess for 90 minutes.

The livestream will offer you a full 360 degrees to look around in, but don’t expect to be able lean around to see past the guy in front; VR hasn’t quite figured that bit out yet.

The keynote kicks off at 10am PT today. We’ll be looking to see the latest on the company’s standalone VR headset, which was revealed in prototype form last year, as well as new games and updates to the entire Oculus platform.

We’re on the ground at Connect ourselves, so look out for big announcements right here.


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