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Breath Of The Witch Is A Gothic New Metroidvania VR Game

Breath Of The Witch Is A Gothic New Metroidvania VR Game

Metroidvania games are surprisingly lacking in VR. There aren’t many entries in the genre, which is a shame given its focus on place and exploration. Breath of the Witch is looking to change that.

This new game from a pair of Italian developers is in early development but already looks pretty interesting. Players embody a wizard that stalks the halls of the fictional Castle of Brievnink. Inside you’ll find a maze of passages and enemies to fight. While the game has a melee combat system, you’ll also be able to use a wand to cast spells.

Metroidvania games are those that combine elements of the two titles in its namesake: Metroid and Castlevania. Traditional games in both series are set in one sprawling location that players gradually unlock more access to through the use of new powers and abilities. They’re games about really getting to grips with an environment and learning its every nook and cranny. In other words, it’s pretty perfect for a VR game.

We’re hoping this element plays a big part in Breath of the Witch. Based on the gameplay video above, the game’s castle is already intricate in visual design. Melee combat looks like it could be a little janky, but if the exploration element pulls through that could be enough to make the game worth a play anyway. It’s coming to PC VR headsets.

We’ll have more on Breath of the Witch in the coming weeks so stay tuned. In the meantime, let us know what you think about the game so far and check out the official website.

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