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Japanese Archery Game Bow Man Hits Oculus Quest

Japanese Archery Game Bow Man Hits Oculus Quest

It’s a busy week for new Oculus Quest releases – a new Japanese archery game called Bow Man just hit the platform.

Bow Man is developed by DMM and is on sale for $14.99. As the name suggests, the game hands you a bow and arrow and puts it to use across 80 levels. There are plenty of VR archery games out there already, of course, but Bow Man uses a Japanese bow called a yumi.

With it, you’ll shoot targets and enemies, making sure to dodge incoming attacks. It’s a test of skill, requiring precise aim (though there is a target reticle to assist) and quick reactions. There’s also a duel mode against a single opponent, though it’s only against AI – there’s no multiplayer to speak of. Check it out in the trailer below.

Bow Man Oculus Quest Trailer

Bow Man originally launched on SteamVR back in 2019, where it curiously did feature multiplayer support for its duel mode. There isn’t any visible explanation for why the Quest version of the game doesn’t include the multiplayer support.

The game rounds out a week of multiple releases for Quest. Yesterday also saw the launch of the long-anticipated Quest version of Gorn as well as VR swinging game Yupitergrad and a brain training platform called Reakt. Quite a lot of variety for a single week, then.

Will you be checking out Bow Man on Oculus Quest? Or does one of the platform’s other releases have your attention this week? Let us know in the comments below!

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