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Blade & Sorcery's Huge New Update Will Add Armor, A New Map And Spells

Blade & Sorcery's Huge New Update Will Add Armor, A New Map And Spells

For all of 2020 (and some of 2019) Blade and Sorcery fans have been waiting on the game’s next big content drop, Update 8. After a few delays — some brought about due to the COVID-19 pandemic — the update is nearly here, and it’s looking absolutely huge.

Originally, Update 8 was intended to focus on the combat simulator’s magical aspects. But, while all the spell updates are still in place, it will also add a heck of a lot more. For starters, you’ll have new sorceries, like the ability to set enemies on fire and mess with gravity. In the clip below, you can see enemies float into the air, making them even easier to deal with than ever before.

But one of Update 8’s most interesting additions looks to be armor, which adds a needed touch of strategy to the game. Enemies can now sport different tiers of armor that will have varying resistances to different weaponry. The strongest armor plating will see you seeking out weak spots for stabbing or resulting to clobbering enemies with heavier objects.

Elsewhere, the update will add a new map named Citadel. You can get a glimpse of it in this armor footage posted earlier this week, though the team says it’s keeping most of its surprises under wraps for launch.

There’s much more where all that came from. In fact it’s a little too much to keep track of; head on over to the game’s Steam page and check out the last few announcements to see everything that’s on offer. For now, developer WarpFrog is aiming to get the update out before the end of May, though acknowledges it might slip again. Whatever happens, it looks like it will be worth the wait.

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