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Blade And Sorcery Graphics Comparison: Oculus Quest 2 vs PC

Blade And Sorcery Graphics Comparison: Oculus Quest 2 vs PC

We’re back with another side-by-side graphics comparison. This time it’s for Blade And Sorcery on Oculus Quest 2 and PC.

Warp Frog’s demanding melee fighter launches on Oculus Quest 2 today as Blade And Sorcery: Nomad (our full review is right here). It’s very similar to the PC VR version that’s still in early access, with most of the same game modes and levels but with a few key differences. So, how does the Quest version stack up? Find out in our video comparison below!

Blade And Sorcery Graphics Comparison

Blade And Sorcery has always been a demanding game and even the best PCs can struggle with its physics-driven action. Fitting all of that onto the Quest 2 was a big ask and it definitely shows. Though Nomad is by no means an ugly game, it’s definitely one of the bigger visual differences we’ve seen between PC and Quest recently. Extra effects like blood spatters have been removed, as has lots of vegetation in certain environments. The game’s also much blurrier and Warp Frog has employed heavy use of fixed foveated rendering (FFR) to help get the game running.

But the Blade And Sorcery experience was never really about graphical fidelity, and the core gameplay remains pretty much intact. You can still chop off limbs and get swords stuck in some very unwelcome places, and using the gravity magic results in some very demanding physics-led action.

There are some omissions to help the game run on Quest, though. Namely, you won’t see as many enemies on screen (three at maximum) and the Citadel environment has been removed for now, as have some of the areas in the Dungeons mode. Even then, this is the first time I’ve noticed some stuttering in an Oculus Quest store game, though it’s nothing fatal.

Ultimately, though, Warp Frog has pulled off what many thought was impossible here. And, yes, there are some significant sacrifices to make it all happen, but there’s still a functioning and incredibly enjoyable version of Blade And Sorcery under the hood.

What did you make of our Blade And Sorcery Graphics Comparison? Let us know in the comments below!

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