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Black Friday: Oculus Makes $350 Rift Official

Black Friday: Oculus Makes $350 Rift Official

We’re getting a little too used to saying this but here it is again; you can now get the Oculus Rift for cheaper than ever.

Last week we reported that one retailer would be selling the VR headset for just $350 during Black Friday, knocking $50 off of the standard price, which was slashed for the third time this year back in October. Today, Oculus confirmed that the $50 off is an official promotion available directly from the company and other retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, the Microsoft Store, and Newegg in the US and Canada, plus Amazon, Dixons, Currys PC World, MediaMarkt, and Overclockers UK in Europe.

Get Oculus Rift + Touch for $349 at Amazon
Get Oculus Rift + Touch for $349 at Best Buy
Get Oculus Rift + Touch for $349 at the Microsoft Store
Get Oculus Rift + Touch for $349 at Newegg
Get Oculus Rift + Touch for $349 at the Oculus Store

This is for the current Rift bundle, which includes two sensors and a pair of Touch controllers as well as a heap of free apps like Lucky’s Tale, Dead and Buried, and Robo Recall. If you’ve already got a PC that can run Rift then we can’t really recommend this deal enough.

On top of that, Oculus is showing off its new dynamic bundle pricing with three ‘Complete Your Collection’ bundles that include essential Rift games like Superhot VR, Wilson’s Heart and The Invisible Hours. There are three of these bundles available at $99 each (with seven games included in each pack) but, if you own any of the games already, their price will be deducted from the bundle.

So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and start playing Lone Echo.


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