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Batman: Arkham VR Gets Surprise Index Controller Support

Batman: Arkham VR Gets Surprise Index Controller Support

Get ready to thwip Just like Batman! Wait? Oh, wrong superhero.

But, all the same, you can now do whatever a Batman can with Valve Index Controller support. Batman: Arkham VR just got a surprise update to celebrate Batman Day, which this year recognizes 80 years of gravelly voices, brooding from the rooftops, and employing child soldiers in the war against crime.

The update adds full support for Valve’s new controllers. That means the controller’s finger tracking should work inside the experience. That means you can finally give Joker the finger and do even more elaborate Adam West-inspired sexy Bat-dances in front of the mirror.

Elsewhere, the game also implemented an OpenVR Mesh, which could apparently give some users a “small performance increase”.

It’s surprising to see the game get an update this significant so far after release. Batman: Arkham VR first released on PSVR all the way back in 2016 and came to PSVR the year later. If developer Rocksteady is able to update the game with the latest VR tech, could it perhaps still be working on new VR titles?

Arkham VR remains one of the most polished VR experiences out there, so we certainly hope so. It’s actually been a busy year for Batman in VR. Back at Comic-Con in July fans could go on a VR skydiving trip with the caped crusader. I also saw a curious experience mixing AR and VR all the way back at MWC.

If you’re looking for more Index-fuelled superheroics, Sony’s Spider-Man: Far From Home tie-in recently got support for the controllers too.

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