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Avengers Black Widow And Hawkeye Are In Marvel Powers United VR

Avengers Black Widow And Hawkeye Are In Marvel Powers United VR

Hawkeye may have been suspiciously absent from this Summer’s Avengers: Infinity War, but he’ll be saving the day in Marvel Powers United VR this month.

Both the archer Avenger and his partner in alien-murdering, Black Widow, will be playable characters in the Oculus Rift exclusive. The characters wrap up this week’s announcements for the game, which also included villains Venom and Ultron as well as locations Wakanda and Sakaar.

Hawkeye and Widow both make perfect sense for Powers United. For the former, bow and arrow-based gameplay is one of the most popular mechanics in VR gaming, and we can’t wait to see the Marvel twist on the idea. Hawkeye is best known for an inventive array of arrowheads, so hopefully the game can get pretty imaginative.

Widow, meanwhile, is usually about guns and melee combat, which should also both work pretty well with Touch controllers.

Powers United VR is launching on July 26th, which means we’ve got another three weeks to find out who else is in the game. We’re still missing classic characters like Captain America, Iron Man and Spider-Man.

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