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AR Biking Glasses Raptor AR Start At $499, Shipping Next Year

AR Biking Glasses Raptor AR Start At $499, Shipping Next Year

Raptor AR, one of the first AR devices designed specifically for bike riding, will cost you at least $499.

Creator Everysight today announced the release details of its fitness kit, which we went hands-on with earlier this year. The glasses are a good showcase for how AR can enhance our daily lives, providing information like turn-by-turn navigation, time, distance, speed, heart rate and cadence all directly into the user’s line of sight while still having a clear view of what’s in front of them. Think of it like running on a treadmill and seeing all your stats in front of you, only taking those states wherever you go.

From today, customers can register for pre-order invitations to get Raptor at a special early adopter price of $499 for a 16GB model and $549 for a 32GB model. Invites will be sent to US customers on November 15th while the UK and EU will get them in January 2018. In the US, shipments will start in February, while other territories will get them in April 2018.

If you’re at all interested in the glasses then we’d recommend signing up for the early adopter scheme; the 16GB Raptor will have a standard price of $649 while the 32GB will sell for $699, so that’s quite a saving. Even at the reduced prices, though, this is something for serious cyclists only.

Raptor will come in all black, black with green trim, and white with blue trim colors. You’ll also be able to pick up a handle bar control system that allows you to operate the device from your bike for $59, additional RX frames for $29 and tinted visors for $79.

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