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Apex Legends' Launch Increased Apex Construct's Steam Views 4000%

Apex Legends' Launch Increased Apex Construct's Steam Views 4000%

When I heard the name Apex Legends, I first thought how similar it was to Apex Construct. The new free-to-play battle royale game from Respawn is of course very different to Fast Travel’s VR adventure. Still, mix-ups were bound to happen. And indeed they have.

Fast Travel’s Andreas Juliusson recently revealed as much on Reddit. Since Apex Legends’ launch on February 4th Apex Construct has seen a 4000% increase in Steam page visitors. As Juliusson notes, you won’t even find Legends on Steam because it’s only available through EA Origin.

And then there are the sales. Apparently, Apex Construct sold more in China over the last week than it did throughout all of 2018. Of course, Apex Construct is not Apex Legends and a lot of people only realized this after buying it. Whoops. Juliusson noted that the team expects to see a lot of refunds in the next few weeks but “our books look pretty good at the moment”.

Apparently, a lot of recent negative Steam reviews are down to players feeling scammed. By a game that came out a year before Apex Legends. A game which clearly states it requires a VR headset. Also a game that is not a free-to-play hero shooter. You can’t make this up.

Of course, if you have a VR headset then you could do a lot worse than accidentally buying Apex Construct. It was one of our favorite VR games of the last year. As for Apex Legends, it’s unlikely to ever see VR support. Respawn is, however, working on a VR game of its own. It won’t be related to Titanfall, though.

We wonder if the same thing has happened to Operation Apex?

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