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Ancient Amuletor Is An Action Tower Defense Game For PSVR

Ancient Amuletor Is An Action Tower Defense Game For PSVR

Starblood Arena and Farpoint are set to keep PlayStation (PSVR) players happy in the coming months, but we don’t really know much about what’s coming beyond that. Ancient Amuletor is one such title.

China-based indie developer TiGames announced this new tower defense game for the headset today ahead of a release this summer. In it, players fight off magical creatures using different character classes including archers, mages, gunners and puppeteers. You can check out the first trailer below.

It looks like a lively, colorful affair. You play with two PlayStation Move motion controllers, casting spells, firing a bow and arrow, and using what looks like two small shotguns. Enemies descend upon nodes and try to destroy them, and it’s your job to protect them.

Writing on a PlayStation Blog post, the studio compared it to a MOBA with a difference. It noted that ” we really want players in VR to experience a new type of hero-based gameplay.”

Interestingly enough Ancient Amuletor won’t just be a single-player experience; it also supports co-op play for up to four friends.

The game is also heading to the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive at a later date. This is one of the first VR games that we’ve seen come to Sony’s headset first and other platforms later; perhaps a sign that developers are starting to take note of PSVR’s near-one million install base?

Look for Ancient Amuletor later this year, though PAX East attendees will be able to play it in Boston this weekend. We’re looking forward to seeing what else Sony has in store for 2017, too.

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