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Amazon Starts Selling TPCast Wireless Vive Add-On

Amazon Starts Selling TPCast Wireless Vive Add-On

If you’ve been looking to pick up TPCast’s wireless adapter for the HTC Vive but didn’t really know where to look for one, then you might want to head to Amazon.

The US branch of the online retailing giant has just started stocking the kit, which allows you to wirelessly connect your Vive to your PC and remove the tethered connection that can prove annoying when in VR. The device costs $299 and is available with Prime shipping. Previously you could grab the kit through third-party vendors on the site but these came at a slightly higher price tag.

Sadly, it’s not as easy to order one from other Amazon regions just yet (the UK only has highly-inflated third-party stock) and the Oculus Rift adapter that launched late last year doesn’t seem to be available either. If you’re in the UK, you can pick up an adapter for the Vive at sites like Overclockers and Scan for now.

The question of whether or not you should pick up a TPCast kit is down to just how annoying you find the wire connecting your Vive/Rift to your PC. In exchange for untethered VR you’ll need to start using a battery pack and you may experience some added latency on top. We don’t have final impressions just yet.

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