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Walkabout Journeys To Land Of The Elves With Alfheim Mini Golf

Walkabout Journeys To Land Of The Elves With Alfheim Mini Golf

Fans of norse mythology, high fantasy, and mini golf are about to journey to the bright and woodsy elvish land of their dreams.

Walkabout Mini Golf opened the doors to its latest virtual reality mini golf course – Alfheim: Land Of The Elves -- on September 7th. Developer Mighty Coconut revealed the new paid 18 hole course on August 30th with the following description:

Perfect your mini golf for an eternity with the unique curves, secret glens, undiscovered alcoves, graceful arches and sacred cathedrals of leaves amidst a gleaming, spiritual place untouched by time: Alfheim - Land of Elves. A hidden realm of light and beauty from Norse mythology, Alfheim is a serene and timeless course where you can play forever and—if you wish for magical powers, supernatural beauty, and you are ambivalent towards everyday people—you, too, can be an elf in this spellbinding and relaxing forest hideaway.

The new course is the latest in a string of impressive content releases from Mighty Coconut as the studio sharpens its artistic pipeline for new paid courses and content. Earlier this year, the company started pricing new course releases at $3.99 each while confirming content parity across PC VR, Pico, PSVR 2, and Quest headsets.

Here's a tour through Alfheim with game creator Lucas Martell:

We've been charting the design progression with a series of tours hosted on YouTube with Mighty Coconut developers. You can check out the full playlist embedded below beginning with Mighty Coconut's original course, Tourist Trap:

Building on its core physics-based gameplay since its 2020 release, Walkabout Mini Golf is building quite the catalog of courses to explore with its satisfying gameplay leading from lighthearted golfing to thoughtful treasure hunts set to the background of chill conversation with friends and family. Some of the recent DLC course releases include Myst, Upside Town, Atlantis, Labyrinth, and Temple At Zerzura, among many others.

For those unfamiliar, each Walkabout course is 18 holes set in daytime with an unlockable hard mode and re-designed holes set during night-time. Room codes and cross-platform multiplayer make it easy to get out onto the courses together and the Easter Egg hunts for balls and fox hunts for prizes can end up being more fun than golfing.

You can book mark our guided Walkabout course tours here and check out Walkabout Mini golf on the Quest Store, Steam Store or PlayStation Store.

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Article originally published Aug. 30. It was updated September 7th with release and tour video.

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