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Walkabout Mini Golf Will Charge $3.99 For Future DLC Courses

Starting with the upcoming Atlantis course, Walkabout Mini Golf will begin charging $3.99 for future DLC, though existing DLC prices remain unaffected.

Developer Mighty Coconut announced that future DLC pricing will be $3.99 instead of $2.99. According to the team, that decision’s been taken so they can “put the time needed into making each one as spectacular and feature-filled as possible.” Mighty Coconut confirmed to UploadVR this price increase won’t affect previous DLC courses like Myst Island and Jim Henson’s Labyrinth, which remain at $2.99. The price increase comes ahead of the release of an Atlantis DLC course which will be the first to launch at $3.99. Here’s the full statement:

Hey folks! We wanted to let you all know that with the release of Walkabout Mini Golf: Atlantis, new DLC courses will increase to $3.99 USD up from $2.99. With our courses becoming increasingly sophisticated, this change will allow our team to put the time needed into making each one as spectacular and feature-filled as possible. As a small, independent studio, we so appreciate our players embracing this game and encouraging us to charge a little more—a move we’ve resisted doing but now feel is both appropriate and worthwhile. 


That’s not the only announcement Mighty Coconut had and in a follow-up tweet, they confirmed that DLC course bundling “will be coming soon to platforms that support it.” Following recent news that Meta is scaling back support for Quest 1, the team separately advised this won’t affect Walkabout Mini Golf’s multiplayer support on the older headset. “Our multiplayer function remains the same: create a private game and have your friends join by using the same room name.”

Walkabout Mini Golf is available now on the Meta Quest platform and PC VR for $14.99, while the Atlantis course arrives soon for $3.99. Walkabout is also available on Pico 4 but as of this writing the paid add-on courses aren’t available on that platform.

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