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Acron Is A New Multiplayer VR Game From The Makers Of Angry Birds VR

Acron Is A New Multiplayer VR Game From The Makers Of Angry Birds VR

Not long after the release of Angry Birds VR on several platforms, developer Resolution Games is back. It’s fair to say its latest project, Acron, is a fair bit different to its previous work.

Acron is a multiplayer VR game in which players face off against others outside of the headset. The VR player embodies an enormous ancient tree that protects Golden Acrons (no I’m not spelling it wrong) known as the ‘seeds of life’. Meanwhile, other players on iOS and Android devices form a team of squirrels that, you guessed it, want the Acrons for themselves. They may have numbers on their side but the VR player is much larger.

We don’t have any gameplay footage yet but the image above gives you a pretty good idea of the game’s tone.

“We feel the future of VR will be social and are focused on integrating multiplayer components in every game we create,” Resolution CEO Tommy Palm told us over email. “When it comes to cross-platform games we see an opportunity for VR enthusiasts to share the VR experience while exposing more people to the magic of VR. ACRON in particular is intended to be a party game where players can jump in and out, pass around the VR headset, change roles, challenge each other and have a ton of fun. Imagine having a dozen guests over with many of them participating in the play with others likely having just as much fun spectating. It’s about as inclusive of a VR experience as you can get.”

It’s the eighth project from Stockholm-based Resolution, which got its start with casual mobile VR titles like Solitaire Jester and Bait!. Last year the studio also released a version of Angry Birds for the Magic Leap One AR headset.

Resolution says the game will launch across “several major VR platforms” as well as iOS and Android. No specifics were provided but Angry Birds VR came to pretty much every headset under the sun and will soon arrive on Oculus’ new Quest standalone headset too. Back in February, the studio told us that it was working on “a few” projects for Quest, so it’s possible this is one of them.

Look for Acron to launch later this summer. For more information about the game you can check out an official website.

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