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3dRudder Getting Native Quest Support For New Wireless Pro Model

3dRudder Getting Native Quest Support For New Wireless Pro Model

3dRudder, the foot-based controller for VR experiences, is getting native Oculus Quest support. Or at least, 3dRudder Pro Wireless is.

3dRudder Pro Wireless is an enterprise-focused version of the product, which has users resting their feet on a sort of balance board, then tipping it in any direction to move around in VR. As the name suggests, this version of the device connects to a headset without the need for wires via bluetooth. There’s a video of the support in action below.

The original 3dRudder might not have been the perfect VR locomotion solution, but it proved to be an ideal workaround to the limitations of Sony’s PSVR headset and Move controllers. With Quest’s wire-free inside out tracking and touch controllers, 3dRudder support doesn’t feel as immediately necessary, though the company reasons its solution is a more intuitive solution than controller analogue sticks.

Perhaps more importantly, though, 3dRudder could be used as a means of moving in VR whilst using Quest’s hand-tracking mode. Hand-tracking is an intuitive way of interacting with VR but, without a controller in your hands, it’s hard to navigate large virtual spaces. With the 3dRudder Pro wireless, that wouldn’t be an issue.

There’s no word yet on is a consumer-focused version of the device might ship, though we’d expect most apps that support the device to be available through sideloading via services like SideQuest rather than native Oculus Store games.

3dRudder Pro wireless is shipping on March 30 for $199. The original Pro model, which is used for PC VR, costs $139. The consumer versions for PC VR and PSVR can be found here too.

Would you want 3dRudder Oculus Quest support? Sound off in the comments below to let us know.

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