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Zero Caliber Quest Update Overhauls AI, Visuals

Zero Caliber Quest Update Overhauls AI, Visuals

XREAL’s Zero Caliber: Reloaded has been updated once more, now with improved visual effects and enemy AI.

As revealed on the developer’s blog, Update 4 released last week with these two major additions. Visually, the game continues to get closer to the PC version of the game; new weather effects like a thunderstorm and visual frost can be seen in relevant levels, and explosions and bullet impacts have been made to look more convincing. It even goes right down to changing the muzzle flash depending on if the player is using a suppressor or not.

Zero Caliber Update

As for AI, XREAL says enemies are now “much sharper and their aiming is much faster”, and they’ll be using cover from new angles and even sprint towards cover too. Elsewhere this update has some other tweaks, like changing the Inspection map to nighttime and adding in the ability to change holster positions.

There are still updates to come to the game’s AI, and the developer will be adding bHaptics support in the future too. The team also teased it’s working on new modes and challenges, but didn’t have anything specific to share just yet.

It’s good to see Zero Caliber getting updates like this as we pointed to underwhelming AI as one of a few issues the game suffered from at launch. “Zero Caliber: Reloaded is painfully close to getting all the way there,” we said, giving the game 3/5. “It’s got some of VR’s best weapon handling and incredible customization alongside an admirable effort to deliver the full shooter campaign we all crave.”

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