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VR MMO Zenith's Second Alpha Hits In July, New Gameplay Revealed

VR MMO Zenith's Second Alpha Hits In July, New Gameplay Revealed

Upcoming VR MMO Zenith is now planning to launch its second alpha testing phase at the end of July.

Over the weekend developer Ramen VR updated fans with a refreshed timeline. Originally planned for earlier in June, the second alpha now launches on July 24 and runs through to August 1. As with the first alpha, this test will be available to Kickstarter backers, founders and those that have pre-ordered the Collector’s Edition of the game. There’s still no dates for the game’s two planned betas, though.

Zenith Second Alpha Timeline

Going forward the team plans to reveal new gameplay footage and mechanics for the MMO more often. That includes the below look at the gliding feature, which sees players travel through floating rings by stretching their arms out like in Population: One. Catching updrafts allows them to travel further, too.

It all looks quite lovely, though we’re still waiting to see if Zenith really is ‘the one’ when it comes to delivering a truly immersive VR MMO. Zenith is still planning to launch on Quest, PSVR and PC VR later this year. Eagerly awaiting more news? Why not check out our Q&A with the developers in the meantime?

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