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Xpression Is An AR App That Lets You Impersonate Anyone

Xpression Is An AR App That Lets You Impersonate Anyone

Put away the blowtorch and close that bribe briefcase; there might be a new way to force a confession out of someone (too dark?).

Xpression is a new AR app from the same team that brought you social VR app, EmbodyMe. It’s similar to the facial scanning avatar messaging you can see on Apple’s iPhone X, only instead of virtual critters the app uses real life videos to let you embody just about anyone you want to be. Simply hold your face up to a phone’s camera and say something; the app will read your lip movements and then mirror them on the given video of a person, making it look like they’re saying what you’re saying.

Check it out in the trailer below, which features a certain US President that knows a thing or two about fake messages.

The tech looks slightly wonky, but that’s part of the fun. The developers are also looking to add video chat support, post-processing and more features in the future.

The app is available now on iOS and works on iPhone 6s or above.

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