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The Wizards: Dark Times Getting Co-Op Post-Quest Launch

The Wizards: Dark Times Getting Co-Op Post-Quest Launch

Carbon Studios’ The Wizards: Dark Times will be getting a new co-op multiplayer mode later in 2021.

Announced today, the new mode will see players team up to face enemies in an arena-based challenge. Players will be able to pick a character class and magical affinity before taking on increasingly difficult hordes of enemies. As usual, you’ll need to master a series of gesture-based spells using your VR controllers. Carbon will also be designing and adding new enemy types to face in this mode.

The update is due at the beginning of Q4 2021, but Carbon says there’s plenty more to come for Dark Times. We already know, for example, that an Oculus Quest port is in the works and will arrive before this update. We debuted a first look at the Quest version in our Winter Wrap-Up event in late 2020.

But the team is also planning yet more content to enhance Dark Times’ story campaign. When it launched on PC VR last year, the campaign was the main feature of Dark Times, evolving over the original The Wizards with linear progression and new spells. These updates are set to roll out over the course of this year and into 2022.

We thought the campaign was great, awarding Dark Times 4/5 when it first launched. “Rarely do more than 10 seconds pass without the need for grand hand gestures to summon magic or for you to reach out and interact with things around you,” we said. “They’ve got a great magic system that’s intuitive and fun to master in a fantastical world that provides a unique type of adventure you won’t quite find anywhere else.”

Elsewhere, Carbon is also working on a new Warhammer VR game, Tempestfall, which is set in the Age of Sigma universe. That’s due to hit Quest and PC VR later this year.

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