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VR Pioneers Steam Bundle Offers Big Discounts On Groundbreaking Games

VR Pioneers Steam Bundle Offers Big Discounts On Groundbreaking Games

Some of VR’s groundbreaking developers blazing a new trail with early VR releases are providing a lower-priced bundle on Steam.

The “VR Pioneers” bundle costs around $123.94, or 20 percent off, for a set of incredible games. Normally it would cost more than $150 to get all the games included in this bundle. I-Illusions’ Space Pirate Trainer, Cloudhead’s The Gallery Episodes 1 & 2, Survios’ Raw Data and Sprint Vector and, of course, Owlchemy Lab’s Job Simulator can be purchased together in the VR Pioneers bundle on Steam starting today. If you’ve already got some of these games the 20 percent discount should still apply to the remaining titles. This should allow VR headset owners to more inexpensively complete their libraries if they’ve missed buying a couple of these games over the years.

For those unfamiliar, Space Pirate Trainer is perhaps the definitive wave shooter of VR’s first generation and a fantastic introductory arcade VR experience alongside Owlchemy’s Job Simulator. Survios Raw Data and Sprint Vector explore the range of single player and multiplayer game modes with an assortment of weapons and ways to navigate through virtual worlds explored. Cloudhead’s The Gallery, finally, is a wonderfully inventive adventure with deep world-building and engaging puzzles.

If you’re new to VR in 2019 or just looking to catch up on a few missed games, this new bundle looks like a great way to catch up on quality VR software you might’ve missed.

Facebook just released the Oculus Rift S, HP is launching the Reverb and Valve’s Index headset is due to arrive in the coming weeks to early buyers — all brand new VR headsets on which these games can be played.

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