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The Void Shows Rapture Headset And Vest At TED

The Void Shows Rapture Headset And Vest At TED

Attendees at the TED conference this week in Vancouver will be setting their eyes on some of the most advanced VR and AR experiences in the world, including the custom headset and haptic vest from The Void.

The Utah-based startup creates advanced Virtual Entertainment Centers (VECs) which we have called “the most immersive experience in VR” today. The experiences are created from backpack-driven wireless VR enhanced by environmental effects like candles or wind produced from heat lamps or fans. You typically have to make a pilgrimage to Utah to see it but people who shelled out $6,000 to see the interesting things shared at a TED conference will be able to check it out in a breakout setup in Vancouver. The event also represents a public debut for high-quality immersive gear, called Rapture, developed for The Void.

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The Rapture claims to have a wider field of view, higher definition screens, advanced haptics, and an RF-Based tracking system, putting it a step above any of the other headsets currently on their way to market. This is possible because of the company doesn’t need to worry about selling the hardware to consumers, allowing them to focus on making it the most advanced experience possible without worry for cost.

Check out the Rapture:

The Rapture helmet from The Void is said to sport an ultra-wide field of view and was planned with sensors placed in back to keep the front of the device from being unnecessarily heavy.

For many attendees who haven’t seen a Vive or Rift, the enhanced VR experience could be an eye-opening moment.

In-Depth Interview With James Jensen, Chief Visionary Officer at The Void

Those of us at home will just have to ogle The Void’s hardware and dream of the chance to go hands-on and eyes-in sometime.

The Rapture haptic vest straps on and provides an additional layer of immersion.

The TED conference lasts all week and hands-on reports are likely to leak out over time. We’ll provide updates as we hear interesting insights into the experience. If you want to check out more photos of the setup, visit The Void’s Facebook page.

TED attendees are the first to see, hear and feel the Rapture VR equipment from The Void.


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