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Valve’s Flagship VR Game Coming In 2019 ‘To Any SteamVR Compatible System’

Valve’s Flagship VR Game Coming In 2019 ‘To Any SteamVR Compatible System’

The good news? Valve Index is shaping up to be a truly impressive VR headset when it ships in June. The bad news? We still don’t know much about a Valve-made VR game.

At least not yet.

Valve is still keeping the project under wraps for now. Though the new headset and its flashy controllers will both be arriving in June, we wouldn’t hold your breath for a big Valve VR game to arrive with it. The company did tell us, though, that it will have a “flagship game” arriving in 2019. No word on exactly what that game is yet; Valve wants to keep the rumor mill spinning.

We also know that the game won’t be exclusive to Index. Staying in line with Valve’s anti-exclusive messaging, you’ll be able to play it on any SteamVR-compatible headset. That means Rift, Vive and Windows VR owners will get to enjoy it too.

That doesn’t mean there isn’t any Valve VR software to talk about, though. During our trip to the studio we did try Aperture Hand Labs, a technical showcase for the Index Controllers set in the Portal universe. We don’t know if that will arrive alongside Index but it’s quite possible.

We have heard, though, that this flagship game could be a new entry in Valve’s legendary Half-Life franchise. It might not be the now-fabled Half-Life 3, but it could be another story set within the universe.

Valve fans will have to demonstrate just a little more patience once Index arrives, then. Fortunately, you’ll have plenty to play in the meantime; Index is set to work with the entire library of existing SteamVR content and we saw some pretty exciting new additions to it this month. That includes the upcoming VR port of No Man’s Sky and Stress Level Zero’s Boneworks.

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