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Valve Developer Talking About Company's Flagship VR Game This Week

Valve Developer Talking About Company's Flagship VR Game This Week

A Valve developer is set to talk about the company’s long-anticipated flagship VR game this week. But don’t get your hopes up too much…

The company’s Kerry Davis will be giving a talk at the DigiPen Institute of Technology on Saturday. Davis will be speaking as a 2006 graduate, talking about his work at Valve since.

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But, while his personal perspective on 13 years at the company is sure to be interesting, the talk’s description has an interesting tease. “Davis’ talk will cover his unusual journey into the game industry and his own personal experience at Valve over the years,” it reads, “as well as his more recent work developing the company’s upcoming flagship virtual reality title.”

There it is! Valve promised it would be releasing a flagship VR game in 2019 when it first revealed the Index headset. We haven’t heard anything about it since, so it’s nice to see it’s still in the works.

That said, we really wouldn’t expect any significant news coming out of this talk. If Valve were to finally tell us what game it’s making, we doubt it would be here. Still, we’re sure Davis will have some fascinating development insights to share. In the past Valve has said it hopes its VR games will serve as showcases for some of the do’s and don’ts for VR game design. This could serve as the perfect chance to demonstrate that.

Still, if you’re really interested, the talk kicks off at 12:30pm PT and runs until 3pm on September 14th.

Last week we reported on the discovery of what looks like more Half-Life VR code. It’s likely just some cut content, but an interesting find nonetheless. We’ll keep our ears to the ground for any further updates on the project. What do you want to see out of the Valve VR game?

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