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Vader And Beat Saber Duel For Top Spot In September PSVR Charts

Vader And Beat Saber Duel For Top Spot In September PSVR Charts

Darth Vader appears to have met an unlikely match – Beat Saber.

September’s PlayStation Store charts are in, and the newly-launched Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series was locked in close combat with the Jedi wannabe rhythm game. In the US, the Sith Lord emerged victorious, taking the top spot of the month with Beat Saber just behind. Funnily enough, the situation is reversed in the EU; Beat Saber sold more copies than Vader Immortal. It’s easy to see why the two are neck-and-neck; one has the power to actually make you feel like a Jedi and the other is an official Star Wars game (disclaimer: I like Vader Immortal a lot I just couldn’t not write that).

Neither game has a physical edition on PS4, and these charts only count PlayStation Store sales.

VR mainstay Superhot came in third, meanwhile. The lists both split up from there with some other interesting notes. The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners sold more copies in the US than the newly-launched The Walking Dead Onslaught (though that only launched right at the end of the month). Neither game ranked in the EU’s top 10, however. Marvel’s Iron Man VR also fought its way into each list, with other games like Gorn and Astro Bot put in an appearance too.

Another visit to the galaxy far, far away, the just-launched and PSVR-compatible Star Wars: Squadrons, is likely to have a big impact on October’s charts, though it will be counted in with regular PS4 games rather than PSVR titles. We do know that 15% of players across PSVR and PC played with a headset on, though. Other than that, with the impending launch of Sony’s PS5 headset, it’s pretty quiet on the PSVR front right now.

What are you going to be playing on PSVR this month? Let us know in the comments below!

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