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Vacation Simulator Now Available On Oculus Quest

Vacation Simulator Now Available On Oculus Quest

Time to take a holiday – after working hard in Job Simulator, you can now take some much-needed time off with Vacation Simulator on Oculus Quest.

Vacation Simulator is the latest VR title from Owlchemy Labs, which is essentially a sequel to the original Job Simulator game, expanding upon the mechanics and interactions in new vacation-themed locales. The game initially launched on PC VR and PSVR earlier this year, and is now available for the Oculus Quest.

A few days ago, Google-owned Owlchemy Labs also put out a great Twitter thread showcasing some of the optimizations the development team made in order to get the game running on Quest. It’s a super interesting behind-the-scenes look, and also a great way to understand some of the differences you’ll be experiencing when playing the game on Quest compared to the PC VR version.  You can check out the full thread by clicking on the Tweet embedded below:

Job Simulator appears on our list of best Quest games, and there’s a fair chance that Vacation Simulator could make the cut when we next update the list. Jamie enjoyed Vacation Simulator on PC VR, writing in his review that “its philosophy of authenticity and intuition above all else is to be praised and preserved. There’s playful fun, immersive wonder and liberating agency all gathered under one roof, here.”

Vacation Simulator is available to purchase for the Quest on the Oculus Store now.

Will you be taking some time off work to dive into Vacation Simulator on Quest? Let us know in the comments.

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