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Upload SF Event: Expand Salon

Expand Salon is an intimate and immersive consciousness-expanding gathering featuring music, virtual reality and elevated states of consciousness.

Our panel discussion for the evening, led by Dr. Michelle Wang, PsyD, will orient around exciting potentials for innovative and reimagined ways of healing from a psychological perspective. After the discussion, there will be adequate time for guests to explore virtual reality hands-on throughout the evening.

A panel of experts with backgrounds in virtual reality, entheogens, music and psychology will be discussing the self-healing potential of non-traditional medicines. There will be five virtual reality booths set up with a wide range of awe-evoking, completely immersive VR experiences pre-loaded and ready, as well as a silent disco party with three music stations ranging from electronic to psychedelic rock to tribal beats.

Learn more about the Expand Salon event taking place in San Francisco December 22, 2017.

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