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Tilt Brush Update Adds Beginner Mode, New Brushes

Tilt Brush Update Adds Beginner Mode, New Brushes

The latest update for Google’s Tilt Brush VR art app adds new ways to paint and a more accessible introduction for beginners.

Tilt Brush 1.6 includes 12 new brushes that further expand the range of 3D art you can make. Google says these new options will like users create more natural landscapes and even lifelike characters. A new Hull Brush, for example, lets you paint 3D objects by moving your controller.

To give that a little context, popular VR artist Danny Bittman noted on Twitter that the brush makes sculpting inside Tilt Brush much faster and more efficient. It was used in the above image from Jeremy Cowles.

Perhaps more important, though, is the introduction of a Beginner mode. When you first launch Tilt Brush, you’ll start in this new mode, which limits the number of features and brushes available to you. This allows you to find your feet in what can be an initially overwhelming world. When you’re ready for bigger and better things, a simple tap of the Advanced Mode button will bring all of Tilt Brush’s features right to you.

There are also a host of minor improvements to the apps’ UI.  For starters, a new Pin Tool allows you to lock objects in place, making it easy to change details around them without editing the object itself. On the flipside, you can now select all items in a sketch and invert selections you make. Finally, you can now hold the undo and redo buttons for a faster way of cycling through your changes.

Oh, and the ambient music has been updated, which is good news if you were getting sick of that.

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