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Update: Google's Tilt Brush Surprise Launches On PSVR

Update: Google's Tilt Brush Surprise Launches On PSVR

Surprise! Google’s popular Tilt Brush VR creation platform is finally available on PSVR. Well, at least in Japan it is.

Update: And now we’ve found it on the UK and US PlayStation Stores too! The app costs £15.99/$19.99.

Original story: Trailers and tweets from PlayStation’s Japanese arm confirm that the app is now out on Sony’s headset in the region. We’ve asked Sony if we’ll be getting a similar surprise launch in the US and EU today, so keep your eyes peeled. The game costs 2,189 yen, which works out to about $20.

Tilt Brush is the original VR painting app, allowing players to paint with a virtual brush in a 3D space. The experience was originally launched on the HTC Vive when it released four years ago now (!). It’s since grown a huge following, arriving on other headsets and adding crucial new features. It’s become a staple app for artists to innovate; we’ve seen countless incredible works over the years from a selection of talented artists.

Interestingly the app is published by Sony itself, not Google. In fact, the PlayStation Blog post announcing the release only mentions Google via trademark. It definitely seems like Sony had a heavy hand on getting this onto its headset, then. Still, at the very least we hope this means we might see more Google apps on PSVR. Google Earth is just as essential an experience that’s never made it over to Sony’s headset.

In its absence, Tilt Brush has been imitated in various forms on PSVR. Honestly we’d given up hope that it would ever arrive on the platform. Ironically it now arrives on the cusp of PSVR support for Dreams, a much more robust creation app that not only lets players make their own 3D art but also animate it and then use it in games all made within the same app.

Will you be picking up Tilt Brush on PSVR? Let us know in the comments below!

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