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Tilt Brush Gets Official Index Controller Support, First Look Live

Tilt Brush Gets Official Index Controller Support, First Look Live

Valve Index headsets won’t start arriving on doorsteps until later this week, but one of VR’s biggest apps just added support for its controllers.

Google’s Tilt Brush just got support for the Index Controllers. There are brand new models for both the left and right controllers. You can see them in action in the clip below. The official Twitter account also notes that Index Controller support will be coming to the Viveport version of the app in the next few days.

It’s not clear if this support brings any new kind of functionality. The Index Controllers bring finger-tracking to your hands. We can’t help but think it would be nice to do some finger painting inside Tilt Brush. The Google-published Vacation Simulator will also be getting full Index controller support. We wouldn’t be surprised to see it come to apps like Google Earth VR too.

Index, meanwhile aims to improve the PC VR experience with upgraded display resolution and field of view (FOV) options. Initial shipments are going out in late June, with orders currently backed up until late September. We’re quite fond of the headset, though we’ll have final impressions in the near future. The headset sells for $499.99 on its own, $749.99 with Index Controllers, or a whopping $999.99 with Controllers and base stations.

Tilt Brush also came to Oculus Quest in the past month. The app lets users ‘paint’ in a 3D space and then share their creations online. Still no PSVR version, though.

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