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The 30 Vive Games HTC And Valve Are Showcasing At GDC

The 30 Vive Games HTC And Valve Are Showcasing At GDC

HTC and Valve recently released the full list of VIVE games that will be displayed at next week’s Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco. According to an email from a Valve representative, many of these titles will be familiar, but there are also more than a few debut games on the list as well. Check out the full collection below:

The New

These are the previously unannounced Vive games that will be displayed at the show:

Note: we are still gathering information on these titles as well so please forgive us if we can’t provide full descriptions for each one just yet. This story will be constantly updated as new details are brought to light. 

Vanishing Realms – Indimo Labs

A true mystery, all that is currently known about Vanishing Realms is this image, which may or not be from the actual game.

La Peri – InnerspaceVR

Described as a “narrative experience” by developer InnerspaceVR, La Peri has been teased as a Disney quality animated experience for the Vive. In less than a week we’ll know if it lives up to the hype.

Other Ocean – GiantCop

Giant Cop embraces the “deity” viewpoint that a lot of VR titles offer to you with good humor. Your fellow police officers recognize your enormous size and implore you to use it to stop crimes in this VR sendup of 70s cop shows.

WaveVR – TheWave

This game could be anything. Is it an ocean simulator? A sound visualizer? Or, most likely, the world’s first wave-practicing engine for the socially awkward? Only time will tell.

Adventure Time  – Cartoon Network Games/Turbo Button

I had the chance to interview Holden Link – one half of the Turbo Button squad – several months ago. During that talk he did allude to the fact that his studio’s popular Gear VR game Adventure Time: Magic Man’s Head Games would one day make an appearance on the Vive. Looks like he’s a man of his word. We’ve reached out to the studio for further comment.

Pool Nation – CherryPop Games 

CheryPop prides itself on making incredibly realistic pool simulator. This VR version is still a question mark but a reasonable assumption would be that Vive owners might soon be able to play a nice round of billiards in their homes without putting dents all along the walls of their game room.

Universe Sandbox ² – Giant Army

The last time I spoke to Dan Dixon – the founder of Giant Army – Universe Sandbox 2’s VR support still seemed to just be a prototype. Now, however, a new video and news of the game’s presence at GDC serve as proof positive that the world’s best planet-smashing simulator is off to a even better start than I could have hoped.


The Familiar

These are the games we’ve all come to know, love, and drool over these past few years:

Owlchemy Labs –  Job Simulator: The 2050 Archives

Northway Games & Radial Games – Fantastic Contraption

Google – Tilt Brush

Epic – Unreal Editor

Lionsgate & Starbreeze – John Wick: The Impossible Task

Stress Level Zero – Hover Junkers

Cloudhead Games – The Gallery

Neat Corporation – Budget Cuts

VRUnicorns – #SelfieTennis

VIRZOOM – Virzoom

Futuretown.ioCloudlands Minigolf

I-Illusions – Space Pirate Trainer

Vertigo Games – Arizona Sunshine

Phosphor Games – Brookhaven

Alientrap – Modbox

Solfar – Everest

Aldin Dynamics – Waltz of the Wizard

Survios – Raw Data

Dylan Fitterer – Audioshield

Penrose Studios – The Rose and I

Triangular Pixels – Unseen Diplomacy

Schell Games – Water Bears

Phaserlock – Final Approach

Innervision VR – Thunderbird

Lightning Rock – Marble Mountain

Frontier Development – Elite: Dangerous

Envelop – E.V.E.

AltVR – AltspaceVR

Minority Media – Time Machine

We will be bringing you news and updates on all the notable games and experiences live from the GDC show floor all week during GDC.

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