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Sci-Fi Roguelite The Foglands Reaches PSVR 2 This Halloween

The Foglands VR game

The Foglands reaches Quest & PS5 this Halloween with optional PSVR 2 support.

Developed by Well Told Entertainment, The Foglands is described as an "anti-Western atmospheric roguelite." Playing as a runner called Jim, you're tasked with bringing home scavenged goods and fending off the twisted creatures within the Fog. With a behemoth threatens the survival of the Hold, it comes down to you to stop it, boosting your abilities and acquiring upgrades upon returning.

Navigating "an ever-shifting world" of fog, The Foglands involves exploration, collecting and fighting as you prepare to fight this worm-like creature. Combat's described as a mix of "barfight melee and shoot-em-up gunplay," using intention targeting and eye tracking to grab items you can use as weapons. Abilities can also be collected from The Stranger's Cards that boost each playstyle - Fists (melee), Guns, and Keys (exploration).

Revealed during February's State of Play presentation, PlayStation Blog confirms it now comes with a flatscreen FPS mode. It's one of six PSVR 2 games Sony highlighted yesterday, joining Among Us VR, Journey to Foundation, Tiger Blade, an upcoming Tin Hearts demo and the newly announced Heroes of Forever.

The Foglands reaches PSVR 2 and the Meta Quest platform on October 31, and Well Told Entertainment confirms the PC VR release will follow at a later date.

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