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Steam Game Festival: Summer Edition Now Live With Several VR Demos

Steam Game Festival: Summer Edition Now Live With Several VR Demos

The Steam Game Festival: Summer Edition is now live from today until 10AM PT on June 22nd. In this digital event PC gamers from around the world can gather around their monitors to watch livestreams from developers of upcoming games, engage with creators directly in AMA sessions and message boards, and try out a laundry list of exciting demos for games before they release.

It’s like a digital E3 for the PC gaming crowd and VR has a presence this year with its own category. There are too many demos to list, even for VR, but a few of them really stand out.

Notably, we’ve got a fresh demo for Blunt Force, the WWII action epic we’ve been writing about ever since 2016; Naau: The Lost Eye, which we just featured in the UploadVR Showcase: Summer Edition earlier today; Rinlo, which looks like a gorgeous little adventure puzzle game; Ash of Legends, a single-player focused sci-fi VR shooter, Hospitality VR, a creepy and atmospheric horror game; and Hard Bullet, a cinematic slow-motion VR shooter full of action.

There are lots of other demos to check out as well in the Steam Game Festival. And if you’re interested in non-VR games then there are literally hundreds of other demos to peruse, such as the PC port for Quantic Dream’s PS3 classic, Heavy Rain, space station building sim Mars Horizon, atmospheric action-adventure game Raji: An Ancient Epic, and the newly released turn-based western strategy game, Desperados III.

Did you miss out on the UploadVR Showcase: Summer Edition? Check out every trailer, article, announcement, interview, and more from the UploadVR Showcase right here.


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