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You Can Now Play Squid Game's Red Light, Green Light In VR On Oculus Quest

You Can Now Play Squid Game's Red Light, Green Light In VR On Oculus Quest

A VR developer has already created a playable version of Squid Games’ fairly terrifying ‘Red Light, Green Light’ challenge for headsets.

Soaring Roc, a studio best known for experimental VR apps like Let’s Go Chopping, has released a multiplayer take on what’s fast becoming one of Netflix’s most iconic shows. The series sees characters compete in a range of dangerous games for money.

Squid Game VR On Oculus Quest

In Red Light, Green Light, players race to a finish line, grinding to a halt when given the ‘Red Light’ (during which a giant and terrifying mannequin looks at you), and sprinting during the ‘Green Light’. Get caught out on a Red Light in VR and you’ll be shot. Then it’s back to the start. That’s a bit nicer than in the series, where things get a bit more grizzly.

You run by holding the controller triggers and waving your hands, making it crucial to stop waving them about when the doll’s head moves. It’s pretty tricky, but you get the hang of it quickly. Obviously this is just a fan game and doesn’t use official assets, hence the clear differences between the experience and the show itself. Still, it’s a fun novelty if you don’t want to try one of the millions of Roblox clones now out there.

The app is online and randomly pairs you against others. You can download it from here, though you’ll need SideQuest to install the SPK and have to allow content from unknown sources inside your Quest. Soaring Roc accepts donations for the piece if you want to do that.

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