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Someone Turned All Of Shrek Into A Beat Saber Track (Yes, Really)

Someone Turned All Of Shrek Into A Beat Saber Track (Yes, Really)

Someone has turned all of the first Shrek movie into an 83-minute Beat Saber track. Yes, really.

ShrekSaber, which I really can’t believe I just typed, is now available to download for the ever-popular VR rhythm game. Yes, a modder named KingPeuche has taken the entirety of the ogre’s original adventure and mapped it to one mammoth level in the Star Wars-inspired title. Notes are stuck to the soundtrack, but all of the dialogue is in there too. It’s like Shrek the audiobook… the VR game.

This guy streamed it, just in case you still don’t believe me.

Watch #SHREKTOURNEY – Literally 1.5 hours of the Shrek Movie Tournament Style from BennyDaBeastLIVE on

That means immortal hits like Smash Mouth’s All Star and actually immortal hits like Hallelujah are now available inside Beat Saber, you just have to play through a lot of unbearably cheesy movie to get there.

It took KingPeuche over 120 hours to make ShrekSaber. The modder told Beat Saber fansite, bsaber, that they had often seen requests for Shrek and Bee Movie (yes, really, Bee Movie) to be mapped to the game.

“Sure it’s time consuming, but not only is it for Shrek, it’s for the history books,” Peuche told the site. “I’ve yet to see any rhythm game have an entire film be mapped. I think this would make a lot of people happy, and the initial support I received from the modding staff and community really gave me a push. I would spend most of my free time mapping anyways, so I figured I may as well use that time to make history.”

Well, history has certainly been made.

Oh and, don’t worry, KingPeuche is planning to map Shrek 2, too. VR is saved!

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