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Solaris On PSVR Now Coming Early 2021

Solaris On PSVR Now Coming Early 2021

The PSVR version of First Contact Entertainment’s Solaris: Offworld Combat isn’t quite going to make it out in 2020, but it shouldn’t be too much longer.

First Contact stopped by PSVR Without Parole’s 2020 Awards show yesterday with an update on the sci-fi shooter. Solaris launched on Oculus Quest and Rift earlier this year and had hoped to come to PSVR before 2021, but this weekend’s video confirmed it’s now coming early next year. No specific date was given, but the team did offer some new footage of the game’s PSVR build being played with the rifle-shaped Aim Controller.

Check it out below – the studio says it thinks this is the best way to play Solaris.

Solaris PSVR Gameplay Revealed

Solaris is an arena shooter similar in style to Quake or Unreal Tournament. It’s a fast-paced shooter in which players can grab new weapons, teleport between arenas and even slide forwards as they run. We think the game is a fun, accessible take on the genre, saying in our review: “Despite the issues, Solaris is easily the most accessible and streamlined VR shooter I’ve played in recent memory and scratches the arena shooter itch I’d forgotten I had.”

The PSVR version will see the First Contact team returning to the platform it made its name on. The studio is best known for its PSVR-exclusive multiplayer shooter, Firewall: Zero Hour, which also made great use of the Aim Controller.

Will you be checking out Solaris: Offworld Combat on PSVR next year? Let ys know in the comments below!

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