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Sairento VR Finally Coming To PSVR Early Next Year Via Perp Games

Sairento VR Finally Coming To PSVR Early Next Year Via Perp Games

One of PC VR’s most popular action games is finally making its way over to Sony’s PSVR headset.

Perp Games, a company best known for producing physical versions of VR games like Moss and Apex Construct today announced that it will bring Mixed Realm’s Sairento VR to PSVR in early 2019. No specific date beyond that but it’s great to know it’s finally coming. You can check out the trailer for the game below.

Sairento VR has risen to the ranks of VR fame thanks to its stylish ninja action gameplay, which allows you to pull off acrobatic moves whilst wielding guns and swords, slicing and dicing your way through enemies.

We enjoyed the game ourselves, though we felt like it was ultimately less than the sum of its parts thanks to some repetitive missions and a wider lack of polish. “Sairento VR is a game with a ton of stuff to do and some really fun core gameplay elements, but it just doesn’t feel like it all comes together well in the end,” we said in our review. “There’s a lack of meaningful depth, some glaring repetition, and a general lack of polish that holds this action-packed romp from truly achieving VR greatness.”

As you might expect, Perp will be releasing a physical version of the game alongside the digital edition on the PlayStation Store.

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