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VR JRPG Ruinsmagus To Launch English Edition With Kickstarter Help

VR JRPG Ruinsmagus To Launch English Edition With Kickstarter Help

Promising upcoming VR JRPG, Ruinsmagus, hopes to launch an English edition in 2022, should it get help from crowdfunding.

A Kickstarter for the project is set to launch this month. It will look to raise 5 million yen (around $44,000) to realize a fully translated version of the game with voice acting. Should it hit that goal, it will introduce stretch goals to add other languages for every 5 million yen it raises. The game already raised close to 10 million yen via a Japanese crowdfunding platform called Campfire earlier this year.

We’ve only seen some polished cinematic trailers for Ruinsmagus so far (one of which is above), which do look pretty polished. But developer Character Bank says the full experience will mix elements of visual novels — in which you talk to characters to develop the story — and action RPG sequences. The latter element will see you wielding magic to defeat ancient Guardians.

Exploration will also play a big part, allowing players to explore the city of Grand Amnis. Still, there’s a lot to learn about the game’s scope at this early stage.

Should the Kickstarter prove successful then its developers hope to release the game on PC VR headsets in February 2022. You can keep up with developments on the game’s English Twitter account.

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