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Athlete Training Platform Rezzil Player 22 Comes To Oculus Quest This Summer

Athlete Training Platform Rezzil Player 22 Comes To Oculus Quest This Summer

Rezzil is bringing its athletic training platform to Oculus Quest later this month.

Rezzil Player 22 is a follow-up to the recently-launched Rezzil Player 21, which was exclusive to SteamVR. But, whereas that game was primarily a soccer simulation platform that used SteamVR Trackers to follow your feet, Rezzil Player 22 features a range of exercises based around using your hands and head for coordination and improving fitness.

It’s not an actual soccer simulator this time, then, but Player 22 features a number of different minigames aimed at improving your reactions and accuracy and tracks your progress. The developer says that its platform has been tested by “elite sportsmen and women, coaches and teams”.

At launch the game will have three main drills, based around activities like heading balls. These will ask you to do different things like getting the ball through rings or passing to players. There’s also a reaction wall in which you hit lights as soon as they appear and a basketball-based minigame. Outside of the drills, there’s a brick-breaking game in which you use a paddle to hit a ball and score points.

Rezzil itself is planning to support the platform with updates and DLC in the future, too. A new game mode will be added soon, and there will be expansion packs for the existing content, too.

Rezzil Player 22 hits Oculus Quest this summer for $14.99. You can wishlist the game right here.

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