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Return To Castle Wolfenstein Mod On Its Way To Oculus Quest

Return To Castle Wolfenstein Mod On Its Way To Oculus Quest

Return To Castle Wolfenstein is on its way to Oculus Quest following the impressive, if unofficial, ports of Half-Life and Doom from prolific modder DrBeef and friends.

The latest mod should allow owners of 2001’s Return To Castle Wolfenstein (just $5 on Steam as of this writing) to play the entire campaign in standalone mode on Oculus Quest with full 6DoF support, including 6DoF weapons and two-handed weapons. The mod should also have snap turning by default with support for smooth turning as well. While it doesn’t sound like teleport is in the plans there may be other comfort options by the time the mod is finished and released to the public, according to DrBeef.

VR_Bummser recorded the following gameplay video showing the current early alpha state of the mod.

We’re excited to give the game a try on the wireless Oculus Quest and interested to see how a title like Return To Castle Wolfenstein feels modded for the headset. Doom, of course, is the iconic 1993 first-person shooter from Id Software and the original Half-Life debuted in 1998, so we’re curious see a slightly more modern title modified and fully playable in standalone VR. The original game made by Gray Matter Studios and published by Bethesda features both scoped weapons and binoculars, with the latter shown in the gameplay video above.

DrBeef says there are still a lot of things to fix with the mod so there’s no word yet on a specific release timeframe, and you can learn more about all of the mods from this team in their active Discord group. We’ll bring you updates on the mod’s progress as soon as we have them and let us know in the comments if you’re looking forward to playing Return To Castle Wolfenstein on Quest.

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