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Resolution Games Announce 'Wonderglade' for Google's Daydream VR Platform

Resolution Games Announce 'Wonderglade' for Google's Daydream VR Platform

Hot on the heels of Daydream’s announcement at Google I/O today, Resolution Games announced their debut free-to-play title for Google’s new VR platform: Wonderglade. Recently, Resolution Games released Bait! and Resolution CEO Tommy Palm talked with us about the plans for Resolution and how they see mobile VR evolving into the future. Wonderglade clearly looks like the next step in their grand plan to help bring VR to the masses and hopefully, judging by the aesthetic of the teaser image, it channels a bit of Willy Wonka.

“With Daydream’s potential reach and accessibility and the current mobile VR headsets on the market, mobile is on track to become the number one VR platform in regards to headsets in the marketplace and potential for mainstream adoption,” said Palm in a press release provided to UploadVR. “We are very excited to have been invited to be a part of Google’s new VR initiative. We feel we share the same vision for VR and are looking forward to working together to increase VR’s spread into mainstream and setting additional standards for the future of VR.”

Their debut Daydream project, Wonderglade, is tight on information at the moment, but sounds like the perfect entry point for something like this. It’s being described as “a whole world of carnival-themed gameplay” that will hopefully take full advantage of the Daydream controller. A carnival setting could mean darts, ring tossing, throwing balls at blocks, and a wide range of other familiar activities that would be great to have in VR, similar to Piearhead Arcade on the HTC Vive.

“We think Wonderglade will be an ideal component in helping Google reach mass market as a game everyone can enjoy and the perfect door-opener for those new to VR,” added Palm. “Virtual Reality is something that everyone can enjoy. It is a far too important human discovery to be exclusive to a handful of gamers. The world needs interactive VR worlds that are intuitive, social and non violent.”

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